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Journey Cat 47 LRC Design Specifications

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  Journey Catamaran   journey cat salon   journey cat cockpit

Designer Specifications:

Naval Architect:  Kernan Yacht Designs                 Displacement:  37,500 lbs – Fully Loaded
Length Overall:  47′ 5’                                               LWL to Beam – Single Hull:  14:1
Length Waterline:  45′ 11″                                       Beam at Deck:  18’
Beam at Handrails:  18′ 2″                                       Draft:  3′ 6″

Fuel:  4 Tanks – 540 Total Gallons (Additional Tanks Can Be Added To Increase Range)
Water:  2 Tanks – 145 Total Gallons                        Holding:  2 Tanks – 80 Total Gallons

Engine’s:  (2) 6BY Yanmar 6 Cylinder Common Rail Diesels
Horsepower:  260HP each                                        Drive:  Sea Torque Shaft System

Cruising Speed:  7 to 17 Knots
Top Speed:   22 – 23Knots

7 Knots ….. 2.5NM/Gal
9 Knots …… 2 NM/Gal
16 Knots …… 1 NM/Gal

Bridge Clearances:

To Top of Flybridge Venturi:  12′ 6″
To Top of Radar Arch Only (No domes or antennas):  14′
To Top of Cabin – No Flybridge – No Electronics Mast: 10′

Built to ABS and CE Standards  •  New Galley Forward Design

Price with Standard Equipment Lying Factory – $889,000

Why Wave Piercing Bows? The basic concept of a wave piercing bow is to have the boat go through the wave instead of riding up and then down over the wave.  This particular hull design does not have the dynamic buoyancy that you find in most vessels, in other words it does not produce noticeable lift when running, hence keeping the boat flat and smooth through choppy conditions.  Therefore, there is reduced stress on the vessel and the crew.  This design also has the benefit of reducing the boat’s wave making resistance which means she goes through the water easier, equating to better fuel economy.  The wave piercing hull design is in use worldwide by modern passenger and cargo ferry catamarans. The main reason is the boat achieves a higher top speed, smoother ride and much better fuel economy!  The Journey 47 is one of the first production power catamaran using this innovative hull design.

Tim Kernan’s first wave piercing catamaran was “Water Wizards”, designed for rugged ocean conditions worldwide.  This 50’ power cat was built to film ocean sailboat races and needed to be able to have a high turn of speed and be very stable in all conditions.  For more information on this catamaran please visit:  http://www.oceanfilmboat.com/    “Long Beach, CA to Panama in 6 Days!”

Journey Cat

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