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About Kadey Krogen Yachts

Owners of Kadey-Krogen long range trawlers love their boats. So much so, in fact, that by factory estimate more than 70% of current owners have sold their houses and use their Kadey-Krogen trawler as a primary residence. The factory has every reason to know. A small, semi-custom manufacturer, Kadey-Krogen typically builds 10-15 trawlers per year and sells new vessels “factory direct”.

Those who own and live aboard a Kadey-Krogen trawler can’t be counted among “liveaboards” content to spend endless years tied to the dock in a marina. Far from it. Purchasing a Kadey-Krogen is an investment in an adventurous lifestyle, and a vessel prepared to challenge the oceans of the world.

Kadey Krogen 55' Expedition

Kadey Krogen 55′ Expedition

All Kadey-Krogen trawlers are pilothouse designs, with a covered aft deck. Most models include a Portuguese bridge to help divert any green water breaking over the bow. Kadey-Kroger’s PFD™, or “pure, full displacement hull” is considered especially seaworthy and additionally noteworthy for allowing outstanding fuel efficiency. Kadey-Krogen hulls place special emphasis on the entry, as well as the aft sections, to reduce both resistance and drag. Most Kadey Krogen yachts are fitted with stabilizers at the factory.

Unlike some builders of long range cruising Trawlers, Kadey-Krogen offers only a handful of models. The original Kadey-Krogen trawlers, introduced in 1977 were 42-feet LOA. Almost 40 years later, many of the ’77 models continue to provide safe and reliable service. Kadey-Krogen has built boats in a variety of sizes between 36 and 64-feet. The smallest Kadey-Krogen currently available is 39-feet, and the largest offered as a new build is a 59-footer. Kadey-Krogen is proof that one doesn’t need a mega-yacht to go to sea.

Design integrity is of paramount importance for Kadey-Krogen. Any new model is created from a concept that begins with a clean sheet of paper, rather than merely adding a few feet to, or subtracting a few feet from, an existing mold. The only thing “stretched” at Kadey-Krogen is the number of cruising possibilities and adventures to enjoy while exploring the world on a Kadey-Krogen long range trawler.

Range is a factor prized highly, and justifiably, among owners of long range trawlers. Kadey-Krogen trawlers have long legs. The 39’ has a range of 2620 nm, adequate for an ocean crossing from California to Hawaii. With a 3000 nm range, the 44’ Kadey-Krogen trawler can cruise from Seattle to Anchorage Alaska, and back, on a single load of fuel. The range of the 58’ Kadey-Krogen trawler, (3300 nm), is sufficient to cross the Atlantic from Boston to Lisbon, and continue about 600 additional miles into the Mediterranean.

Adventurous boaters seeking a ruggedly-built, no-nonsense, high integrity hull, along with exceptional fuel efficiency and range will be drawn to Kadey-Krogen trawlers. The spacious cabin layouts and stunning interior joinery create interiors so inviting that the high percentage of owners living aboard is no surprise. Whether in search of a “vacation home” that will allow global exploration, or a full time home at sea, Kadey-Krogen trawlers can be an excellent choice.

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