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No Grief on a Reef (in your Selene Trawler): Local Hazards

Nordhavn on a reef

So, if a boater takes care in Pole Pass, around Blind Island, thinks twice before attempting Wasp Passage, remains aware of hazards near Johns Pass and follows general advice about entering Fisherman Bay, everything else should be a snap, right? No, not quite.

We have endeavored to list some of the more common challenges in the San Juans, but certainly haven’t touched on most of them. Boaters are well advised to remain “situationally aware” are all times. A properly scaled chart or plotter, along with a depth sounder, will help prevent a lot of events almost certain to ruin a vacation. Some hazards are as localized as the submerged shelf, just in front of the breakwater, that complicates access to the south side of the docks at Rosario Resort.

*Be careful backing out of south side slips at Rosario Marina (image not to be used for Navigation)

Dozens of similar examples are available, but virtually all of them can be negotiated or avoided by careful planning. Knowing the location of the most common hazards and being alert for the ever present possibility of others will help prevent a boater from running aground in the sound, or coming to grief on a reef.

*Caution is advised east of Pearl Island in Roche Harbor (image not to be used for navigation)

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