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About Nordhavn Trawlers

Nordhavn 46, 2003Nordhavn Trawlers, built in Asia for a closely held US corporation (Pacific Asian Enterprises), are regarded among the finest choices in passage making motoryachts. When introduced in 1988, the original design considerations were inspired by the principles outlined in Robert Beebe’s “Voyaging Under Power.” Circumnavigations, and even single ocean crossings, were long considered reserved for sailing vessels only. Nordhavn trawlers were among the first commercially produced vessels to challenge that paradigm.

Every Nordhavn is designed and built more like a small ship than large yacht. Stout, full displacement hulls and professional pilothouse design foster an ability to tackle any ocean in the world. The overwhelming majority of Nordhavn trawlers are of single screw design. Many have an additional “wing engine” with separate shaft and folding prop, designed to allow a mariner to return to port in the unlikely event that a main engine ever failed. A very few Nordhavn trawlers have been built with twin mains.

Unlike the majority of recreational trawlers, Nordhavn trawlers are built with dry stack exhaust and keel coolers. These concepts, used almost universally by commercial vessels, eliminate the need to bring saltwater aboard the vessel, prior to pumping it through the heat exchanger and out the exhaust.

The simplified cooling and exhaust systems enable Nordhavn trawlers to operate more reliably; a desirable attribute when cruising 1,000 miles from shore. Nordhavn’s prioritize large, well lit machinery spaces, with standing head room available for almost anyone in the engine rooms of most Nordhavn yachts.

Nordhavn has established that a boat need not be extremely large to be seaworthy. A 40-foot Nordhavn pilothouse trawler circumnavigated the earth between November 2001 and June 2002, spending over 170 days at sea and logging more than 24,000 nautical miles. Nordhavn currently offers trawlers in a variety of sizes from 40-120 feet.

In addition to passage making trawlers, Nordhavn builds a highly acclaimed 56-foot Motorsailer and a 75-foot extended range sportfisher. Nordhavn recently introduced a 52-foot coastal cruiser. The coastal cruiser is built to the same high standards as all other Nordhavn trawlers, but with a semi-displacement hull and 1000 mile cruising range the 52-footer is less suitable for trans-oceanic voyaging.

An old salt would describe the Nordhavn build as “heck for stout”, (but probably wouldn’t say “heck”). With Nordhavn, there’s much more than a rugged, workboat caliber layup and offshore capable design. There is, in addition, a pretty face. Nordhavn interiors are thoughtfully conceived, with each model capable of providing comfort for owners and guests potentially spending many weeks at sea. The exquisite, tasteful, use of premium quality hardwood solids and veneers, as well as soft goods and utility surfaces creates an interior that will be as impressive and memorable as a Nordhavn trawler’s performance at sea.

Not everyone will need a boat capable of cruising across the Pacific, but many yachtsman enjoy knowing they own a vessel that could do so if required. Among that fraternity of adventurous, blue water mariners we find an impressive percentage who own Nordhavn trawlers.

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